Lilies and Cakes
​cakes and cupcakes for every special occasion

​​10 Hampton Lane 
TW13 6PD

 Made to order  cupcakes and cakes for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, and other special occasions whether family or corporate events.

We make simple, traditional or bespoke cakes. Made fresh, and use no preservatives. Every cake is individually and carefully hand made and crafted to suit our customers'  requirements and needs.

Most of our designs are based on our customers preferred theme, designs and decorations, and not only we aim to create a great design, we ensure that our cakes are great tasting and delicious, and that we deliver  great customer service.

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Lilies and Cake

Price Guide

 Two layer cakes fully covered, filled and frosted
7"     £25.00
8"     £30.00
9"     £35.00
10"   £45.00


Two layer naked cakes filled and frosted

7"    £15.00
8"    £20.00
9"    £25.00
​10"  £30.00

Additional decoration and cake topper are not included on the price above. For full price and quotes, please send us a message. Full price depends on the complexity or simplicity of the decaration or cake topper.

Custom made large wedding cupcakes from £2.50